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ANC active noise canceling
Adaptive environment noise cancellation
14H super endurance
IPX7 super waterproof
ANC active noise canceling, away from noise
Active noise canceling technology accurately detects environmental noise harmonics and emits a section of reverse harmonics to offset the external noise, restores a noise-free space. Do not let the noise destroy your good mood.
Intelligent digital noise reduction chip, adaptive environment noise cancellation
ANC digital noise reduction chip + Bluetooth 5.0 efficient transmission
Intelligent digital noise reduction chip
Isolate from the external environment noise, automatically adjust the depth of noise cancellation according to the change of noise frequency band.
Bluetooth 5.0
Support 24bit/192KHz lossless audio source transmission, fast speed, stable signal, realize ultra-low delay of sound and picture synchronization.
Stereo HD sound quality
10mm customized cavity drive reproduces clear sound quality and brings more exquisite audio analysis and extension. Combined with the independent immersive sound cavity design, it creates an open sound field and rich music details.
10 mm
moving coil driver
3 frequency
equalization adjustment

Long battery life
listen from morning till night
Built-in 160mAh high-performance lithium battery, equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 low-power solution, charging once and it can listen for 12 hours continuously, allowing you to listen from morning till night.
Lightweight and comfortable to wear
Integrated skin-friendly silicone neck hanging, ergonomic radian design, comfortable fit on neck, 120° oblique into the ear, comfortable fit to ear canal, lightweight earpiece, not tired during long wear, stay stability.
Liquid silicone
Comfortable to wear
Ergonomic line
Fit the neckline
120° oblique into the ear
Fit to ear canal, tiredless during long wear
lightweight design
Fashion and simple, easy journey
IPX7 waterproof, fearless challenge
Adopt seamless impermeable technology, depth blocks water molecules from penetrating inside of the headset, suitable for various sports scenes and weather conditions.
Sports journey
bid farewell to the noise
The noise of buses, subways, offices, planes, trains, construction machinery, make your world quiet.
Several colors for you choose
Quiet ANC-L54details
Model No. :
Quiet ANC-L54
Bluetooth version :
Bluetooth protocol :
Support functions :
music play/pause, phone answer/hang up, power display, intelligent voice prompt, last number redial, etc
Product color :
cool black/ army green/ pink
Product weight :
Battery capacity :
Standby time :
200 hours(ANC OFF)
16 hours(ANC ON)
Music time :
14 hours(ANC OFF)
9 hours(ANC ON)
Audio output :
Nominal impedance :
Sensitivity :
Frequency Range :

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