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Armor Plus
3-Proof Sports
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Three-proof running, no fear of wind and rain
Comfortable to wear, secure-fit during sports
Qualcomm CSR, lossless audio sound
Ultra-long battery life, persistent listening
CVC noise cancelling, clearer calls
High sensitivity capacitor mic, built-in CVC noise cancelling algorithm and wind noise cavity design, even in the noisy outdoor atmosphere or at running state, you can enjoy clear call, refuse noise interference!
New upgrade, anti-interference
Qualcomm CSR Bluetooth 5.0
Signal is more stable
Qualcomm CSR Bluetooth 5.0 chip is used for stable transmission and low power consumption. It resists a variety of electromagnetic waves and electrical signal interference in outdoor sports.
Ultra-long battery life
10 hours music time
Built-in large-capacity lithium battery, equipped with Qualcomm CSR Bluetooth 5.0 low-power consumption solution, it can play about 300pcs high-quality songs continuously.
High fidelity
enjoy purer sound quality
Equipped with 10mm customized driving coil + independent immersive sound cavity design + TPU polymer composite diaphragm, the product presents broad sound field, surging and powerful bass, clear voice and rich music details.
Newly upgraded, anti-drop
Comfortable to wear, crazy stability
With high-resilience memory titanium wire, 135° oblique in-ear and ergonomic design and skin-friendly silicone ear hanging, the product is formed of a solid golden triangle, challenging intense exercises, free of stethoscope effect.
1 integrated
elastic storage
3 triangular
stable wear
145 degree
oblique in-ear type

Three-proof running, durable, enjoy sports
The product is designed as secure proof to rain, sweat and dust that come with running, which improves the service life of earphones. Enjoy sports.
Invisible nano waterproof, face wind and rain
The new generation of permeable nano waterproof coating, combined with invisible molecular film coating technology, can effectively prevent water molecules from penetrating into the interior, ensure the parts intact and radio-frequency sensitivity, and improve the service life of earphones.
Corrosion resistant silicone, no fear of sweating
High strength new silicone ear hook passing salt and acid spray test, improves the surface anti-corrosion performance, blocks the corrosion strength of sweat during the movement and meets the purpose of anti-corrosion and anti-sweat.
Molding In One
electrostatic dust-proof
Adopted with Closed System integrated body design + electrostatic filter technology, equipped with sealed silicone piston charging port, the product effectively prevents dust from entering the interior and damaging components.
Several colors for you choose
Armor Plusdetails
Model No. :
Armor Plus
Bluetooth version :
Bluetooth protocol :
Support functions :
music play/pause, phone answer/hang up, power display, intelligent voice prompt, last number redial, etc.
Product color :
black / black & red
Product weight :
Battery capacity :
Standby time :
160 hours
Music time :
10 hours
Audio output :
Nominal impedance :
Sensitivity :
Frequency Range :

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